when hummingbirds land


So, working with people is really fun and rewarding for me. I am super extroverted and come alive when I’m around people.


Sometimes I just want to do what I want to do. Just me. And I never thought I could shoot anything but people. I’ve tried other things like landscape, and abstract (which is my absolute favorite). I just don’t know how to capture a landscape that can compare to the natural beauty when you are there to see it, and abstract is so much harder than it looks… well, good abstract is. So, I’m still working on that one. However, flowers I get. There’s a reason that Georgia O’Keeffe and Robert Mapplethorpe (don’t look him up unless you specify “flower” in your search), Van Os, and so many others studied them so closely. (Well, ok, there were a few reasons- some a little different than mine.) One thing is true to everyone- they are simply beautiful. What’s fascinating is that it is not vain beauty. It serves a purpose. We strive for beauty- we think it holds power, because it does. It captivates, attracts, instills trust and respect. Beauty is so profound and truly in the eye of the beholder, but so many beholders share the same opinion when it comes to the allure of flowers.

So, I’m not the first to represent a flower artistically. I don’t need to be the first. I just present what I see. I see a group of daisies, all so similar, but all so independent in their glory, each rooted and probably tangled together beneath the surface, but flying free just the same (Daisies i). I see one that stands out. A leader who never looks back, but smiles at what is ahead and approaching it with bold assurance of worth and purpose (Daisies ii). And I see a new perspective, a daisy against the backdrop of the sky instead of the ground, the past. I’m looking up at it because I’ve only ever seen them before by looking down (Daisies iii).

I also just see plain old, simple, aesthetic beauty. That is after all, second to me in every image I shoot, only after capturing a never to be repeated moment in time.

I won’t bore you with the details of every flower I photograph, because either you see and feel something, or you don’t. I won’t tell you what to see. But there will be more.

I am now selling prints of my images. You can buy them here, and a few other places. If you love them, great! If you don’t, go out and look for something else that you love and hang it on your wall.

I’ll post soon about my other favorite thing to photograph- fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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