when hummingbirds land

Daisy Series

I am not a still life photographer by habit. I think of myself as a documentary photographer, if I'm going to squeeze into a pigeon hole. At least I can say documentary is where I feel I communicate best. That means I am usually photographing people. But I approach anything I photograph in a similar way. My job is to see what is really there. That is the difference between photography and other mediums. Truth, or a sense of it, is assumed in every image because it was in front of the lens- it existed right in front of the camera at some point.

Because I feel that my job is to tell the story of each flower just as I would with a person, I have limited myself in what post processing I can do with a print. I only do what I could have done in a dark room. I will only "dodge and burn" (which simply means allowing and restricting the amount of light in an area of the image) and other processes during the photographing the subject (making deliberate choices with how I expose). I also photograph each flower where it lives and in the natural light around it.

This series with the daisies is an extension of something I've been fascinated with since art college. It amazes me how something so simple and so well known can have so many variances from one to the next. They each have so much character and individuality. They each have a story, and it may not be what you think it is...


This is a limited edition of only 1 print. Each daisy is unique and will only be printed and sold one time. If you own a daisy from this series, you are the only one who owns that particular one.

The photographic process is mine from start to finish. I shoot, edit and print each image myself. Each photographic print is on archival paper and treated with individual care and attention.

Beth Rose GoinComment