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Father's Day

I believe that our earthly father’s are our first impression of our Heavenly Father. These great immovable objects. Our rocks. A foundation for our understanding of life, love, value, acceptance, hard work, sacrifice.

I wrote out a beautiful long post, verbalizing for the first time why it’s so hard to be without my father now. I accidentally deleted it. Maybe it’s just as well. It was for me, I suppose, and not necessarily anyone else. I do remember saying that I don’t just miss his company, I miss standing on his steadfastness, falling back on his expression of God’s love through his life- to assure me of who God is. I miss asking him to define things that I cannot understand in God, because I knew that he, to some degree, personified them.

Sometime’s I want my husband to be “softer” with the kids. But, honestly, I’m glad he’s not. Don’t misunderstand, there are tender moments and he loves them intensely. But he’s a rock. And that’s as it should be.

Thank you to all of the dad’s that let me capture these sweet moments of warmth and gentleness. And thank you to all of the dad’s that are firm foundations for their families.

Beth Rose GoinComment